Writing a White Paper

A white paper is a technical document about a product or service that describes the product or service to people unfamiliar with it. When writing a white paper, it is important to review it with the product or service developer to ensure its technical content is correct.

Here is sample template of a white paper:

[Brand Name Title of Product or Service]:
A Technical White Paper

[Explanatory title of what the product or service is (e.g., “A mid-level acoustic microphone”)] [Date, 2006] – [Description of product or service including specifications, explanations for technical terms, how the product or service will be used, and the product or service’s significance. Include subheads where applicable to break up text. Use a factual tone.] [Subhead 1] [content] [Subhead 2] [content] [Subhead 3] [content]

For more information, contact:

[include complete contact information of person who can answer questions about the white paper]