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Choose Your Newswire

The news release has been edited, proofread and approved…now it’s time to issue the release “over the wire.” What wire service should you use? How much will it cost? Who receives the release? Understanding what you need and what your options are will enable you to make the best choice. Options The leaders of the […]

The Purpose of a PR Plan

Because the success of public relations is tied to public opinion, and because public opinion is a malleable, fickle beast, effective public relations must be ongoing and multifaceted. It must attack on many levels and continue to attack —like germ warfare. Another (nicer) way to think of it is the way a bee pollinates a […]

All About Media Kits

What Is a Media Kit? A media kit, sometimes called a press kit, is simply an information packet about a business or product. It is called a media kit or a press kit because many times potential advertising mediums will ask for more information on the potential advertiser. Since most of this advertising is press- […]

Utilizing PR for Non Profits

Nonprofit organizations are faced with budget shortfalls year after year. And competition among nonprofits has never been greater. Yes, we said competition. It’s not a dirty word for nonprofits, though some may have you think it is. Every nonprofit out there is competing for donor dollars, media attention, employee and volunteer recruitment with other nonprofits. […]

Sharpening Your Boss’s Communications Edge

It may be hard to believe in this day of embattled CEOs, but some occupants of the corner suite refuse to acknowledge their communications skills need fine-tuning. Some executives practice avoidance even in the throes of a crisis. As the PR pro in your organization, it is your job to persuade your chief to sharpen […]

Crisis Communication Management

General principles that can positively affect your actions and communication in a crisis situation: Bring the situation under control, if possible. Always protect people first and property second. Analyze the situation to judge its newsworthiness. Don’t create a crisis by jumping the gun. Many times the situation doesn’t warrant media attention. Gather the facts – […]

Writing Bylined Articles

If you’re looking for a way to get your company’s name in the news and you’re unhappy with your news release results, you may want to consider writing a bylined article. An article written by a representative of your company is called a bylined article. The “byline” is the place where it says “By _________” […]

Writing a White Paper

A white paper is a technical document about a product or service that describes the product or service to people unfamiliar with it. When writing a white paper, it is important to review it with the product or service developer to ensure its technical content is correct. Here is sample template of a white paper: […]

Creating a PR Plan

The public relations plan is the basis for your public relations program. Public relations plans can either be company-wide (improving the identity of a company) or they may focus on a specific product line, product or service. Below is a template of what a typical public relation plan would look like. Executive Summary Here you […]

What Public Relations Does for Small Businesses

Small businesses are at a disadvantage when it comes to achieving visibility. They don’t have storefronts on every corner; they don’t have huge advertising budgets; they don’t have a huge marketing department. Word-of-mouth advertising can only get them so far. Public relations can be the champion of small businesses because it is an effective, low-cost […]